About me

About me

Assalamualaikum to all readers, 

Name given, Siti Nor Asma Bt Mohd Razali.You can call me As or Asma. I'm 97's & i will forever be 19years old. Im kedahan which has four beautiful&handsome siblings. I am the third sister to my little sister & little brother. I was born on 23rd of march 1997, in Kedah & currently being a student of Universiti Teknologi Mara, Kedah who pursues in Foundation of law.

My blog is my non-living partner-in-crime whom i usually use keyboard to keep close with. I write when I sad, and sometimes i write when Im the happiest one. My writing might look childish, but it's actually comes from my heart, as well as the excitement to share something to people. I will try my best to share with you the journey since i was started to become a Pre-Law student, until another next years undertaking. InsyaAllah. 


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